MedEvals Management, Inc.

MedEvals Management's sole focus is serving veterans and reservists, performing evaluative services on behalf of Veteran Benefits Administration contractors. MedEvals manages locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Washington. We are proud of our mission to serve the veteran population and excelling in the timeliness, accuracy, and thoroughness of the evaluations performed. 



We are proud to serve active military service members, veterans, and reservists. 

We are specialists in performing VA compensation & pension (C&P) evaluations, separation health assessments (SHAs), and annual reservists physicals (RHRP).  When you see our clinicians, whether for medical or audiology evaluations, you will be seen by  an individual who has chosen to be a specialist in these evaluations and who shares our mission to assist service members whenever possible. Their expertise and knowledge is honed by their dedicated focus to this mission.  


Services we provide

General Medical Evaluations

Audiology Evaluations

*Services vary by location.


Radiologic imaging of the body and extremities



"I was processed, escorted to an exam room and attended to within minutes after arrival. I was treated with the utmost professionalism and compassion. I would highly recommend MedEvals!"  - Daniel G 

"Was expecting the worst but it turned out to be the best. Emily was amazing she truly is a remarkable person best evaluator I've ever had. The staff were so nice and welcoming I really felt comfortable and at ease. The VA usually sends me to these horrible evaluators but not today. As painful as it was for me I enjoyed my visit 5 stars for sure!!!!!"  -Peter C.

"I don't know when I have ever received so many smiles and amazing welcomes as I got from your clinic.  You truly made my day.  When I left I thought to myself I must send a thank you card."  -James F.

"Thank you so much for your time and expertise! I was very impressed by the way you explained everything to me in detail! I was a little nervous about the evaluation! You put my concerns to rest. Thanks again for all you do and more importantly the manner in which you do it!"  -Jim M.



To be scheduled at one of our offices, speak with your VA liaison and request to be seen by us.  Your appointment is coordinated by the VA contractor (QTC, Loyal Source, Optum Serve, VES) who will  refer and schedule your visit with us.

Visit our locations page to find the facility  most convenient to you.